via my Instagram account I was invited to a bloggerherz-interview by the audiobook speaker Christian Gera. At this point, again a big thank you for that. For the interview I was invited to answer a few questions and upload a photo of myself. All this went quick and easy. To what extent this interview – which was posted three days later on his Instagram account as well as his homepage – has brought me any advantages in terms of my range, I of course cannot foresee yet. After all, it was only this week.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Christian very much on the questions. Because they really made me think and showed me how much I actually did last year. About eleven months ago, a dear colleague and now a friend had kindly given me a piece of her mind. After having published my book at the beginning of January I honestly expected things to run just run on their own. Thinking and writing about it this really makes me laugh. Of course, the selling didn’t run by itself, how could it be? I had used a self-publishing platform at the time and published George only as an eBook.

I had to get out of my comfort zone very urgently. But most urgently. And so it started. This giving me a piece of her mind involved discussing marketing opportunities, becoming aware of my strengths, finally starting to tell more people about my story and last but not least treating George with a second attempt of a release and investing more this time. What I have done the last year to promote George and to expand my range as an author could be read here again and again in my blog. It didn’t always seem so world-shacking to me. Anyway, due to this the interview with Bloggerherz I became aware of all this.

Furthermore, I was allowed to make an introduction about my humble self for the Blogger-Author-Network on Instagram as well. However, it has not been posted yet. But I would also like to thank you for that.

What’s next? By the end of the month, I will be submitting a post for a Short Story Competition in England and this morning I have registered with an American writers‘ portal.

There has not yet been any positive feedback for my press inquiries, anyway my day may come.


Book Blogger Wanted!

Today I cut it short, as this is a call.

I published my book „George The Man Who Lost Himself“ as a self-publisher on Books on Demand. As a self-published author, I now have to consider all my options regarding how to market my story. That is what my last post was about. By the way, in the meantime, I have started a reader’s round at Lovelybooks. Today is the last day to „apply“ for the round. My task for the participants was to describe a nightmare. I am absolutely astounded. First of all, plainly because there are people who have submitted nightmares. I am super happy about that and above all relieved. It could have been just as well that my target group isn`t represented on Lovelybooks at all. On top of that the contributions are amazing and also utterly different from each other.

What also made me happy was the fact that a lovely person I know from instagram had kindly pushed me in this direction. She patiently answered all my questions and now also takes part in the round. This support, as well by others, is priceless and makes me warm all over.

Back to the call. Books on Demand recently got me the idea to turn to book bloggers. What an ingenious idea. Book bloggers are tremendously important and quite often have a wide reach.

So, who here is a book blogger or knows someone who would like to read and review my book? There is, of course, a copy provided. Trigger Warning: the story is not always easy reading and goes deep into the depths of the psyche. In addition, I also like to trip readers up.

I am pleased to hear from you.