Who is this George and what is he like?

The Inner Bear

George Sugarman, the main character of my novel „George, Sleepless in the Streets of London“ is a thirty-five-year-old Londoner who raises his five-year-old daughter Molly all by himself. The girl’s mother, Geny, was the only woman with which George had a deep relationship. Until Geny sadly died. Why was this his only profound relationship? To investigate this question, you have to take a closer look at George. He is a rather shy but at the same time latently stubborn man. Although he longs for a companion, he would never engage with a woman to which no strong connection is felt.  If he feels a connection it however intimidates him, because now feelings are involved. The fear of rejection is particularly great with my main character, due to his experience from childhood.

George is a man who values honesty and sincerity, which is why he is averse to a so-called purposive relationship. Due to his slightly chubby appearance, he is also somewhat insecure. He also likes to use this circumstance as a sorry excuse.

Another extremely important woman in his life is his mother Dolores Sugarman. Dolores has raised her son completely alone since he was six years old. When George was six years old, he and his mother were abandoned by his father Ray Susniak.  I had written entries about Dolores and Ray in the past and left them here. For this reason, I don’t want to go into detail about them here.

Due to the fact that George was abandoned by his father and has never heard of him, contributes enormously to George’s insecurity. Was he the reason the father left? This is a question, children in such situations sadly often ask themselves. On the other hand, George didn’t want to be an albatross around his mother’s neck, which is why he often stayed in the background to avoid potential trouble.

George’s biggest problem, however, is that he doesn’t want to face up to his feelings. The loneliness, feeling guilty or the anger towards his father. He always tries to keep all this hidden deep within him. His feelings, however, find their way to the surface and, when they arrive, they take control of their owner. Therefore, it happens that George, the supposed teddy bear turns into a Grizzly.  

And that’s where the story begins…


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