What am I currently writing about? Part 5 – Yippie yippie

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It’s about a Rose

In my penultimate post, I had actually announced that I would write about the main character of the story I am currently working on in my next entry.

But then there was that nasty little writing blockade in relation to my prose text on the subject of „jubilee“ about which I had to have a good cry on your lovely shoulders. Interestingly, I was able to finish writing my text the next day. Sometimes it actually helps to just write everything from the soul, to name the problems. Since I am going to submit the text to a competition, I cannot go into it any further at this point.

So now it is finally about good old Rose Woodbury, the female detective from my story. I already mentioned that she is quite close to retirement. She has her younger partner Fox, who often drives her mad at times due to his simplicity. She rather prefers thinking of her former partner Cal, a thoughtful man whose open-mindedness had made him an outstanding detective. Rose had always appreciated this and had therefore relied almost blindly on his judgment.

How exactly is Rose knitted? Compared to Cal, for example, who was particularly able to see, recognize and analyze the external circumstances, Rose is someone who likes to „climb“ into the minds of others. Once there, she turns every stone of their personality, questions their past and tries to put herself into their general thinking. However, it is important to her not to be seen as a typical profiler. Rather, it is her knowledge of human beings that is above average. Rose likes to watch people. When eating – even if this is not always a beautiful sight – how they dress, do certain things, how they deal with their fellow human beings or animals, to what extent they take themselves seriously and so on. Rose always tries to see the big picture, which of course doesn’t always work out. After all, she is able to realise when a person tries to pretend, to blind others with one’s behavior, as a psychopath would do. Not even Cal was able to do that.

In addition to her skills, Rose at times can be quite a grumble head. I had mentioned that I have a weakness for this type of person. But Rose also has her soft, cordial core, and after having strong feelings about someone in the end Rose always tries to see one’s good sides though.

One of their strengths is clearly loyalty. If she knew Cal was right, she didn’t question his judgment. Likewise, she continues to maintain her friendship with a retired detective, Franki Bushmill.

Let’s see what character traits I’ll give Rose while continue writing the story …


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