What am I currently writing about? Part 2 – Prose Text

After I uploaded my entry last week, I noticed that currently I have a third, smaller writing project, namely the contribution to a competition. I would like to put this in between at this point, before I will tell you about my second story, I am currently working on, a bit more closely next time. In the small town Immenhausen, near my hometown Kassel, the Heckethaler Literature Prize is held once a year and this year I would like to contribute. What I find very appealing is the fact that a theme is given here and this year it is called ‚Jubilee‘. A predetermined character number of the prose text is understandably also specified what I find challenging. Usually I don’t work with those guidelines. Working on my stories there are no limits to my creativity from the outside, which is wonderful on the one hand, but on the other hand can also go beyond the scope. That was in fact the topic of my last post, when I wrote about losing myself in character descriptions. Working according to guidelines, can therefore be quite helpful.

Before I started working on the prose text, first I looked up the word jubilee. I have to admit that while I know roughly what it means, I hardly have been using the word myself. The bottom line is that such an anniversary can mean a lot: various human gatherings, such as weddings, graduations, the foundation of a city, the first enjoyment of ice cream with cookie dough pieces and so on and so forth. So, the question that came to my mind was: what kind of jubilee do I actually want to describe, and above all, how? In a sad way, funny, romantic, exciting or maybe everything at one go? 

As so often, I chose a narrative with a more subtle sense of humour. A loving design of the characters with exaggerated characteristics that possibly make some readers laugh. Thus, the question of the prose’s overall energy is clarified, but not yet after the anniversary as such. And frankly, unfortunately, I still haven’t reached that point. But there is still time until the deadline and there is still the option that I can work this out throughout the story writing as such. That’s why I’d rather design the main character first. This was really fun again, because it’s going to be a grumbly old man, who prefers to spend his free time with nagging. I have to confess that I have a sweet spot for grumblers, so my childhood heroes were usually naggers, who actually have a golden heart, but rarely show it, because they think that no one cares. Grumble heads, which are unintentionally funny, because you cannot take them 100 percent seriously in their displeasure. Looking closer it becomes clear that they want to be loved, like everybody else. Otherwise they wouldn’t complain.

So I started my text with the old grumble head receiving an invitation from a few friends for an anniversary, and now he is asking himself what it might be about, because he simply can’t think of something that connects him with these friends, that should be celebrated with an anniversary.

Thus, the beginning of the text is created. Let’s see which anniversary I’m going to decide for and, of course, whether the old nagger will go at all.


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