What am I currently writing about? Part 1 – projects, projects, projects

What am I currently writing about? Honestly, I am actually working on two projects at the moment. The first one is already finished in its rough version. But as I said, it really is utterly rough und the style of the story is so different from “George”.

I have at times given this project the working title ‚Parallels‘ or ‚Two‘, because it concerns two people whose lives are at first glance completely contrary. Nevertheless, they have a great deal in common. They have in common how they feel and the way they think, where they live – in London, of course – and their style of working. What’s contrasting is how they grew up, their gender and the approach to pursuing their overarching goal. They have quite a similar plan: to be able to live on their art. Dorian wants to come out big with his music and Olli wants nothing more than being a writer. While Dorian is already aiming to achieve his goal at a young age – he even leaves school for it – Olli on the other side loses sight of her goal for quite a while. The reason for the different starting points is Dorian’s and Olli’s diverse upbringings as well as their social environment. It becomes clear that the environment of a person is decisive for my stories, because that is rather often the case in real life as well. However, it’s not the upbringing and social environment alone that is imprinting a person. A person’s nature, one’s basic character traits as well have an important influence on what we make of life. 

Why do I call the manuscript so very rough? Well, I’ve lost myself a little bit in many places regarding my character descriptions. So deeply that even for me it got too much. I want to tell a story about how similar two people can be, who at first glance aren’t. It should be a story about how connected we all are, even if we never thought it might be possible.

But I will thoroughly revise this manuscript, prune, expand parts of the story and add new elements. Anyway, there is still the question about how it should end. Happy ending or not? How about an open end?

What my second project is about will be the content of my next entry.


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